How You Can Be Excellent at Leading Scale (w/ Bob Sutton)

Now, more than ever, growth is a constant requirement to succeed. With more access to information, people are smarter and businesses are more competitive.  So we need to be excellent at failing fast then scaling success quickly.  But scale means change which can be a major struggle to both lead and maintain without it all (and you) crashing down and burning out.

When I first started building systems to scale Lit Up Leadership, I was overwhelmed. It required a new technical skillset that I had not developed fully before and I had a time limit.  Therefore, the challenge took me longer that I would have liked and no magical wands existed yet to make 8 extra hours of time appear!  It felt chaotic.

Luckily, I didn’t go too far down the rabbit hole. I realized that could apply what I teach to my own situation in a new way.  And even better, I also knew today’s guest and his latest work…

In this episode of the Spark, award winning author and renowned management expert, Dr. Robert Sutton from Stanford University and IDEO shares the secrets to scale up without screwing up. The principles in Bob and co-author Huggy Rao’s latest book, Scaling Up Excellence, helped me refocus and readjust to lead scale in my own work though it is written for scaling up excellence in teams and entire organizations.

Maryann and Bob surprised

Whether you want to scale excellence in your life, team or company, in this video, you will learn and love today’s episode. In it, Bob shares the biggest lessons learned after a nearly 7 yearlong deep dive into the subject of scale so you can put it into action.

PLUS, don’t miss Bob unexpectedly decoding what Lit Up Leadership is all about at the core and why it is the hallmark of what matters most in leadership…check it out!

Now, you too can grow your team, your company, and your own excellence with more success. So how will you readjust this week…and be less stressed?

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  • Wed, Oct 15 2014
  • 11:00 AM Pacific
  • 2:00 PM Eastern

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