Creating Clarity When the Future is Fuzzy (with Carol Novello)

Sometimes the future can be quite fuzzy or like for today’s guest…furry.Carol main thumbnailjpeg

In life, maybe you have planned to master a specific subject, land a particular gig, live in a certain area,  find your ideal partner, have kids or not, etcetera. When you find and construct a path forward, you better see and decide where to go next.  Vision makes life and every step along the journey easier to navigate.  However, very often the path to get there can become fuzzy and difficult to travel.

When you lead others on a shared path that is unclear, you will find people and performance all across the map.  It can be frustrating to course correct but today’s episode of the spark can help!  Get ready for some great sparks of inspiration by learning from the experience of today’s featured guest, Carol Novello.

From software to soft furry friends, Carol spent a successful career as a top executive for Intuit and is now the CEO of the Human Society of Silicon Valley.   Carol shares her secrets to leading super motivated, high performing teams and navigating life and business with greater clarity to help you start to see your journey and terrain ahead with a clearer lens.

Today’s Show Guide

Start: Finding Your Personal Clarity

4:19 – 3 Things Great Leaders Do Well

8:10 – Removing Motivational Barriers for Others

14:30 – Mastering Self-Leadership

Some Segment Sparks to Share…

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