Why Great Leaders Are Entrepreneurs At Heart (w/ Deidre Paknad)

Are you really a leader or an entrepreneur?  I had two clients in very different leadership roles face this question and dilemma.

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One is a director in a well-known tech company in Silicon Valley and he was stuck.  He just wanted to get past the ceiling he felt both in his career and his heart.  “But I am a builder, an innovator “he said.  “Why can’t my leadership team understand that I want to build the next great thing in a more senior role so I can hire someone else to focus on managing the team?”

And a new client, a founder of a fast growing start-up, contacted me because she is starting to feel like she is losing focus and momentum.  The company is hiring more and more people and she is not sure how to get all of the new team members on board with the culture and vision.

They are caught between an entrepreneurial rock and the hard place of leadership.  But do they really need to compromise?  Are they actually stuck or on the verge of realizing that the best leaders are entrepreneurs at heart?  That is what I am helping them develop and what today’s guest demonstrates.

Deidre Paknad is a superstar leader and entrepreneur.  She shares her journey and offers sage advice of what being an entrepreneurial leader really means and her 3 tips on how you can also be a better leader without losing your entrepreneurial spark…

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  • Wed, Oct 15 2014
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