How to Lead Innovation with Influence (with Vivek Wadhwa)

Are you leading innovation or managing the status quo?  Or worse, falling behind? Innovation is a business requirement that requires leadership.

Without innovation, nothing improves.  But why is it so important to be a leader to actually spark true innovative thinking and focused action?

My guest on this inaugural episode of the Weekly Spark is literally one of the most influential leaders of innovation in the world. Named by Time Magazine as one of the 40 most influential minds in tech alongside the Google Founders and Mark Zuckerberg, Vivek Wadhwa shares his journey to leadership and provides valuable lessons learned along the way.

Vivek’s experiences and how he demonstrates innovation focused leadership in action through the creation of latest book, Innovating Women (launching 9/9, the same day as the Spark!) can help you find and ignite your leadership genius…

“When facing death, you realize life is about helping others and how people feel when you’re gone.”   

“The secret to making a lot of money: Focus on your mission and you’ll get rich.”

“Companies with women on the board have greater success rates.”

“The key ingredient to innovative design is empathy – women’s natural instinct.”

“We are in the most innovative time in history.  Now is the time to take risk and lead…”

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